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NEtechY- Tech Info

About Us

NEtechy A Sub-Blog Website of NEtechMart.

NEtechy Provide Tech Helpful Information.

Youtube, Blogging, Computer, SEO Tutorial, Operating System And Also Helpful Tech Tip & Tricks.
Owner: Nanne Parmar (Blogger)

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StoryBookHindi Provide Hindi Unique Articles, Hindi Stories and All types of Interesting Hindi Articles


Who is Nanne Parmar ?

Who is Nanne Parmar ?

Nanne Parmar

Nanne Parmar

Nanne Parmar (Blogger) Founder of NEtechy And StoryBookHindi. Technician, Influencer, WebMaster, Website Developer, Motivational Speaker.


Awesome Hindi Stories, Hindi Biography, And Hindi Poetries. Daily Unique Articles.

Founder- Nanne Parmar
Co-Founder- Akhil Tiwari, Shivam Dubedi 

*NETechY Website

NEtechY website helps to hindi information of tech. 
full course of software, hardware, pc and more 
Top tech information is here.
Information Technology and more tips and tricks

Link : NEtechY

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Story Book
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Hindi Free Website for Hindi Kahaniyan hindi biography and Poetry

StoryBookHindi is All About Hindi Biographies, Categories Hindi Stories, And Hindi Potries. 

StoryBookHindi सभी जीवनी जीवनी, श्रेणियां हिंदी कहानियां, और हिंदी कवितायें के बारे में है।

StoryBookHindi Founded In India By Nanne Parmar 

Awesome Hindi Biographies, Poetries and Hindi Stories Free of Costs

Nanne Parmar and Team द्वारा भारत में स्थापित StoryBookHindi
बहुत बढ़िया हिंदी जीवनी, कविताएं और हिंदी कहानियां लागतों से मुक्त


StoryBookHindi Achieve 100k Views 
Awesome Websites for Hindi Readers.

StoryBookHindi Started By 

Founder :

  • Nanne Parmar

For Awesome Hindi Duniya Follow StoryBookHindi Daily Updates.


About me

About Me

Nanne Parmar is a Writer, Blogger, Web Developer, And Founder of NE Corp.